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No more routine

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Our Vision

From very first day all of us, founders and IT experts shared common goal and vision to reduce and eliminate daily routine burdens on business operations to leave more space for creativity.

Most occupations, including the ones we love and have, require routine completion of repetitive tasks, procedures, guidelines, “rituals” and all of them demanding a lot of our valuable time.

Most of business operations of interrelated workflow lines require coordinated teamwork, where each team member is responsible for specific business process including specific, above noted routines.

In the end, quality of the product, which is critical to any business, depends on the ability of management system to identify and act upon invisible and visible, small and big irregularities, often caused by unautomated routine tasks. We also found that appropriately designed software is an antidote for the corrupted by routine workflows.

The primary benefits of operations automation cited most often are cost reduction, productivity, availability, reliability, and performance. So, years ago, we decided to solve problems by developing software:

Simple to use specifically tailored system for each workplace, mission control of operation and workflows, with ability to connect to common workplace for streamlining coordinated shared tasks.

Harmonious orchestration of different processes and workflows of the project, holistic management of the operations by virtual matrix – we call it Partiture

No orchestra, even ones with great musicians and great conductors,
can demonstrate their art without partiture,
where all harmony and creativity of master is transmitted in orderly manner.

So, Partiture became our “Coding Word” and we developed concept
allowing to create “Orchestration” kind of software,
meeting demands of different businesses.

Travel & Tourism, Logistics, Distribution and other multisequence operational type of
companies will reap multiple benefit from our software.

Our Background

Don’t worry, we are not musicians (at least professional), however a small orchestra, as synonym fits well with our software concept, as well as with the way we work.

We, at Partiture OL, are programmers, developers and entrepreneurs that develop products in close collaboration with people responsible for running multiple lines of business.

We started in 2012 on our very first project of developing inhouse travel operations management software for Caucasus Travel LLC. , most distinguished inbound Tour Operator and DMC company in Georgia (Republic) to date.

Caucasus Travel , founded in 1991, was first private inbound tour operator in Georgia and south Caucasus. Company has pioneered many modern professional systems, methods, workflow styles, content approach criteria and other elements of tour operator’s business, which organically was adopted by country’s travel industry during the years. Also, from its inception the development of own innovative approaches and knowhow is a “special signature” of company, enabling to maintain its leading position in experiential and luxury market segments.

First ideas and codes were generated by studying day to day work of company managers and operators. To address needs of these professionals with considerable experience, knowledge, quality assurance “addiction” and creativity a single system was built to solve all their complex goals and to streamline processes. Thanks to that demanding environment and same time great support from Caucasus Travel’s professional staff, in 2016 final product for inhouse use was launched and it has been delivering incremental value to company’s tense operational business ever since...

So, Partiture OL was founded in 2018 and started provisioning of services, development of new products and projects, addressing international markets and customers needs. We already have "addicted" users of our tailored management software and welcoming more and more…

Looking forward to help you orchestrate,

Partiture OL Team

Management Software

We develop management software for businesses, related to logistics and multi sequential, combinational operations - travel, events, transportation, distribution, maintenance, security, operational supervision, .. etc. Our software designed in a way, that allows to be tailored to the specific corporate needs and business cultural aspects of user.

To make your business life easier, more productive and enjoyable, we develop corporate solutions that:

  • ● Provide comfortable and ergonomic interface, which brings control of processes under your fingertips
  • ● Automate each workplace, caring out all specific functions and algorithms in one platform
  • ● Optimize and keep order of every workflow process
  • ● Allow to maintain and control workflows in easy-to-use interface
  • ● Sequence and orchestrate different workflows in a “partiture interface” style allowing easy directing/managing of whole project

All this will:

  • ● Help you avoid bitter mistakes made by manually completing routine tasks
  • ● Spear your time and energy for important part of your job – productivity and growth driven by Creativity

Travel Management Software

TourBuilder™ is a Cloud based management software for tour operators and DMCs that provides end to end solution for such processes as: tour planning, itinerary design, pricing, communications, reservations, management, finances, monitoring and control of tour operations and all done real time.

TourBuilder™ also provides analytical and reporting capabilities to drive additional value in such functions as: sales, finances, statistics, work efficiency, sustainability etc.

Digitalized routine tasks frees you to focus on Creativity.

Software implementation

Most of the job for Implementation of software is done remotely by our staff, however, to make smooth transition from usual mode to software backed “new life”, close cooperation with key personnel of user is crucial. To successfully tailor product for every workplace, considering company structure, work system and cultural aspects is key in order to receive all benefits from software from very first day of its implementation


TourBuilder™ is user-friendly and intuitive solution that is easily used by both experienced and newcomer tour operators. Nevertheless, we pay very special attention to training of all key personnel and leaders to enable seamless adoption and usage of the software.

Every workplace has its own specifics, so our dedicated staff is keen to provide training in common professional “language” with specific point of view.


Our software has rich functionality and there are many features, possibilities, solutions which might need additional adjustments, so we are open for that.

There are moments when some new aspects of business processes arise, so we are ready to address them about possible solutions within framework of the software, or if needed offer special additional tailored elements for implementation.

Customer Support

Free updates of certain parts of software, feedback-based improvements and just constant routine support communication is a standard service provided by our company and dedicated staff.

Our products, as usual are cloud based, so all services and support are provided remotely.

TourBuilder™ Worldwide Trial Program advantage

Under special incentive-based contract Inbound Tour Operators are welcome to take part in TourBuilder™ implementation/trial process, as the Pilot Partners* in selected countries and areas.

From 2017 TourBuilder™ (b version) became Travel Business Management Software of Pilot Partner* , leading inbound tour operator in Georgia. Implementation and trial period went very successfully. Focus on customer experience and feedback has provided opportunities to add important upgrades and fine tuning to the software. In order to expand further exploitation of the software, in 2021 TourBuilder™ was implemented for Azerbaijan and Armenia, neighboring countries of Georgia. And again, software shows its efficiency, ability to address specific needs and works flawlessly in different environments.

TourBuilder™ Worldwide Trial Program is initiated for Implementing of software usage for trial period in
some countries of Western and Eastern Europe, Americas and other continents, through selected inbound tour operator Companies.

* Pilot Partners are Inbound Tour Operators in a Country or Geographical area, meeting defined criteria and using TourBuilder™ as management software, under special incentive-based contract.

If you have interest taking opportunity and
become Pilot Partner of TourBuilder™ in your Country or Geographical area,
please learn more.

Expression of appreciations

We would like to express our appreciations to GITA (Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency) for supporting and co-financing TourBuilder™ project, the winner of “Startup Matching Grants” program in 2019